THE SMOKE—and flashing lights

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I remember fairly clearly that night, the first time I took a smoke break with Angel at the diner.

Mind you, Angel did not smoke, and never had. But when he was stressed about life—and Angel never wanted to show stress—he would tell you it was time for a smoke break. He would carry a lighter, matches, and hell: he might even spot you a pack.

Second-hand smoking was Angel's way of coping with who he was.

And who he should have been.

When you were out in the breeze with Angel, on an autumn night, Angel was just like you.

Angel had life sufferings, big successes, yet massive loss. He would tell you losses are always less severe when you have a best friend, and certainly successes are even more meaningful as well.

But he'd stare blankly at the curb. That was the moment you knew Angel was still human.

Flashing lights. It was always flashing lights to Angel.

"When you see an accident, that's someone's best friend in there," he'd say.

This is a "key" hint from Angel, Unassigned, a Stellethee Security & Logistics Alternate Reality Game